In the past whenever we wanted a new bike we had to sell our old one.

Bikes depreciate quickly and we dreaded that sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs when our old bikes went for next to nothing; especially as we still had to spend a small fortune for the new one.

Our wives and partners got tired of us tying up all our cash in bikes too! They demanded that we find a better way to finance our hobby. So we did!

Bike Leasing Company lets you:

1. Keep costs down whilst still riding your desired bike

2. Avoid most of the depreciation

3. Prevent the same thing happening again in another couple of years

Paul, the company’s founder, had a problem when his own bike wore out after a couple of years and he wanted to replace it. It had cost £3600 new but was only worth about £1000 second hand and was going to cost over £5000 to replace!

His wife “encouraged” him to find a smarter way to enjoy his bikes. He realised leasing would let him do that and so the story began. Now we’re changing the way bikes can be enjoyed.

Bike Leasing Company leases bikes in the UK and Europe and is becoming recognised as the most cost-effective way to enjoy a new, premium bike. Get a quote to see how leasing could protect your money.